Who am I?

My name is Dennis Plucinik, and I’ve been making websites for a little over 15 years. I’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Disney, Pepsi, Target, Nike, and McGraw-Hill. I’ve taught at Parsons, New School for Design, as well as General Assembly, in New York City. I also run a few Meetup groups including Learn HTML5, BK.js, and iOS / iPhone & Android Mobile Development.


Why did I make this course?

I find front-end web development fascinating. There are a myriad of unique yet complementary technologies that are constantly changing. This makes my job both infinitely challenging and deeply rewarding. My goal with this course is to share my passion with you and give you the skills to become a professional Front-End Web Developer.

My approach to teaching is simply to get you writing code. We don’t learn by listening; we learn by doing. In addition to historical and political topics, expect to see lots of code and tons of cool examples.

I also believe that becoming familiar with web design culture is important for gaining a higher-level perspective and thus a more well-rounded education. For this reason I’ll discuss the innovators, history, and even politics of the web. I’ve separated topics into small units in order to keep them short, as well as to give you the option of comfortably skipping them if you choose.


How is this content structured?

I’ve produced content for this course in several different formats. Each topic should include a written article, a downloadable PDF, an interactive HTML5 presentation, a narrated video, and a self-exam. It’s not 1995 — this course should be available regardless of where you choose to take it.

I’ve designed this course so that if you skip one topic you won’t be completely lost. I’ll reiterate important concepts from different contexts along the way, especially the fundamentals. The benefit of an online course like this, as opposed to the live courses I teach, is that if you don’t get it 100 percent the first time, you can just re-read the article or re-watch the video.

Regarding video quality, too often I read negative reviews that narrators sound like they’re winging it. All of my videos are pre-planned and scripted so that I don’t waste your time. Furthermore, I try to keep each video as short, concise, and organized as possible.

I’ve assembled this content into three levels: Entry-level, Intermediate, and Pro. Each level has three sections on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There is also an Entry-level course on fundamentals.

Each of the courses will be released as they are completed, beginning with fundamentals.


Resources available for download

Most of the materials that make up these courses will be available at http://www.frontendschool.com, except for the full-length, downloadable, HD videos, which are exclusive to the paid course on Udemy.com. Support materials, addendums, and supplementary downloads may be found there along with a robust list of resources including recommended web services, code editors, and other software.

Additionally, all of the videos will be available for download. Each of the HTML5 presentations used in the videos is also accessible offline in case you want to bookmark them on your tablet or mobile phone.

In closing


I’ve put a lot of time into ensuring the highest-quality course possible, and I hope you find it enjoyable and informative. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Udemy.com, or on Twitter @dennisplucinik, or via e-mail at dennis@frontendschool.com.